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The Mustang Mac-E could become Britain's new police car

The Mustang Mac-E could become Britain’s new police car

The British Police is looking for an environmentally friendly police car and has contacted several manufacturers, including Ford.

The Ford Mustang responds with a four-wheel drive with the concept version of the Mac-E standard range. It is also designed for test variants of long-distance models with rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. With larger battery packs, cops get longer distances, so a wider use and more capacity for operations.

But the question is whether the GT version would be more appropriate if the police choose Ford as a supplier. It can tear 0-100 km / h in 3.7 seconds (with a 1 foot roll start), making it harder for the bad guys to escape.

Release the stallion!

Ford History has seen many unqualified car models with the Mustang name. This is not one of them.

Blue lights and sirens do not affect the range

Ford has already developed a power solution for the concept car’s blue lights, sirens and other high – tech equipment.

The power is the same as the equipment is powered by the car’s 12-volt battery, but not the batteries used for propulsion. Later in the development of the car, we will look closely at the possibilities of expanding the battery capacity to provide the opportunity to equip the car with more equipment, says Terry Adams, Blue Light Direct Sales Manager at Ford in the UK. Ireland.

Ford Mustang Mac-E Police Police Car

Photo: Ford

Special products

The original Mustang Mac-E was made by Ford’s partner to convert into emergency vehicles, the SafeCard SVP. Among other things, they have fitted the concept car with tailor plates and mounts so that emergency calls can cause less damage to the car. All lights are LED, which attracts very little power.

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The actual marking of the police car – or even the “uniform” is unique. For the first time, special materials are used to enhance the visibility of a police car day and night.

Mustang Mac-E: Sound from Bang & Wolfson

If you choose the Metropolitan Police Mustang Mac-e, you can enjoy music and coffee breaks with the fantastic Bang & Olofson sound system. 10 speaker components including speaker and center speaker, and sleek sound.

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