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The captain of the national team before the start of the European Championship: "We are not talking about medals, but about performance at the world level"

Sweden sixth in team competition – European Championship debutant Narpi Sorensen: “I wish I had a little more gas”

Jacob Norby Saransen was the first to leave for Sweden when the European Championships kicked off today in Tresrage with an all-rider team competition at the Grand Prix.

Jacob Norby Sorensen and 11-year-old Stallion Mogelbjerks Romeo created their first European Championship and won 68.432 percent of the judges.

Unfortunately today was a bit tense, I had a good ride, but there was a bit of tension on the way to the stadium and then had to go straight inside. But he managed most of the moments well, and this is the first time Narpi Sorensen has told SVT Sport.

The Swedish team finished 18th in the initial starting group. Narpie Sorensen, who initially felt her horse was a little nervous, embraced the ride accordingly.

– Before pressing, I need to calm him down a bit. I wanted a little more gas. Today it was exciting for me and the horse, then you should try to stay calm. Although we still feel excited, I think we were able to accomplish this project.

Gina Hawkberg and Lorenzo last started on the opening day of the team competition, which today was designed by spectators on a spectacular weather and arena scattered site.

– This is a fantastic arena and it’s great to ride here, Hockberg tells SVT Sport.

Gina Hawkberg got off to a good start in her project with 15-year-old Zelding Lorenzo, who has been riding and competing since May this year.

– It’s so wonderful when it enters the increased layer, it’s an incredible feeling, says Gina.

A small change to the board was a mistake, and then there was a mistake in the first pirated, which was expensive.

– Really a good feeling, I think I did one of my best shows with him, but there was a big mistake for us on the pyre, it was so expensive. Gina Hawkberg tells SVT Sport that we should try to focus on the good, then rub in the Pirut, and hope that we will ride on the special trip.

Great Britain is leading after Fry’s personal best

Halfway through the team’s competition, when two of the team’s four riders ride, Great Britain takes the lead ahead of Denmark. Charlotte Fry came out as the second rider on the British team and had a personal best at the Grand Prix with Everdale, 77.671%.

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– He felt amazing, so I hoped he could walk one step better than Tokyo. I was looking forward to coming here and Everdale feels better and better. He has no weaknesses, but continues to develop his strengths, says the Charlotte Fry Olympic bronze medalist on the SVT Sport team, who is a fantastic horse.

Favorite Dip Germany is in third place. Sweden are sixth out of 15 teams in total.

– We hope to be able to make progress tomorrow, but we need to keep in mind that there are still a high percentage of riders so far. All teams have better riders tomorrow, so it will be tough but we will try, says Bo Jen.

SVT airs the European Championship on TresJay from Wednesday 8/9