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Environmental organizations want to postpone the COP26 climate summit

Environmental organizations want to postpone the COP26 climate summit

The UN Climate Summit in November COP26 is seen as the most important global climate summit since its summit in Paris. At this year’s meeting, the nations of the world will present more ambitious climate plans, which are needed if there is a chance to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

The meeting was supposed to have taken place last year, but was postponed due to an epidemic.

The large international climate action network, CAN, which represents more than 1,500 civil society organizations in more than 130 countries, is now calling for further adjournments.

The reason is that they believe that Govt-19 can prevent the participation of representatives, organizations and journalists from poor countries. Many countries are on the red list of UK risk countries.

In a press release According to the World Health Organization, 57 percent of Europeans are now fully vaccinated, compared to about 3 percent in Africa.

– We are concerned that countries most affected by the climate crisis and countries that do not receive vaccine assistance from rich countries will be exempted from COP26, says Dasneem Essab, President of CAN.

Dasneem Essop, Chairman of CAN.

Photo: Manuel Elias / UN / AP

– There has always been an inherent balance of power in UN climate negotiations, which is now reinforced by the health crisis. Given the current timetable for COP26, it is difficult to imagine a fair participation from the global south in a safe environment, so the meeting should be adjourned.

Thousands of delegates, including civil society and the media, and about 200 heads of state and government are expected to attend. Environmental groups are an important part of the negotiation. They participate as observers to some extent and as advisers to many poor countries, who have limited resources that cannot cover all aspects of negotiations.

U.K. It has been repeatedly stated that the vaccine is available to all delegates in need. But the environmental movement says participation in COP26 is more than access to the vaccine.

They point out the costs of travel, isolation, and major complications from the increase in infection by Govt-19.

Mohammed Ado, chairman of the Nairobi-based Power Shift Africa think tank, says the UK is too slow to provide vaccine support to participants in vulnerable countries and that the country’s isolation rules indicate high hotel costs in the sky.

– Some delegates have found that they cannot travel by themselves as many major travel centers are closed. Alternative travel costs are so high that poor governments and small civil society organizations cannot afford them.

According to the BBC, it exists UK officials said in a statement that they would do everything in their power to protect the participation of poor countries, including payments to isolated hotels;

“We are working hard with the Government of Scotland and all our partners, including the United Nations, to ensure comprehensive, accessible and secure meeting in Glasgow with comprehensive measures to prevent the Govt epidemic,” Alok Sharma said. To be responsible for COP26.

The government says the offer to provide funding for the isolation applies to delegates, visitors and the media from countries on the UK red list, otherwise it will be difficult to attend COP26.

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