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The mouse pad solves battery issues for both mouse and keyboard

The mouse pad solves battery issues for both mouse and keyboard

Wireless charging is convenient, although the speed sometimes leaves something to be desired. The new JSD mouse pad can solve part of the problem by keeping your mouse and keyboard on indefinitely, as long as the mouse pad is attached to the wall.

Lightsalt is the name of the company behind the mouse pad, which offers a total charging area of ​​580 square centimetres. These are divided into two areas where the right side is used to charge the mouse and keyboard, while the left side can charge phones and wireless headphones with QI support. Regardless of the part, the surfaces are large enough to power all the devices on the desk with a total output power of 30W.

Although there’s widespread support for charging QI-compatible devices, there’s not a lot of breadth on the mouse and keyboard side. The rechargeable keyboard was developed by the same company which, in addition to supporting charging, comes with a unique hexagonal shape on the buttons. The switches shipped are TTC Frozen Silent switches, but these are Hot swappable They can be easily replaced with tools. In addition, RBG lighting and magnetic wrist support are provided.

In addition to the keyboard, there is also a wireless mouse with a sleek and ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold. The weight is 70 grams and the keys should give a distinct clicky feel, while being silent. If you want to use other mice, there’s also a module that makes Powerplay-enabled Logitech mice work with the JSD mat.

This is not the first mouse pad to have the option to charge devices wirelessly. Among others, Razer, Corsair and Logitech have released their own versions in this segment. Razer and Corsair have released mousepads with QI charging zones, while Logitech has a Powerplay mousepad that works with select mice.

One Kickstarter campaign for the mouse pad The extensions have begun and the goal has already been reached. If production plans go as planned, the first units are expected to ship in November, which also applies to bundles containing a mouse pad, keyboard, and mouse. At the time of writing, copies can be pre-ordered for US$79, equivalent to 1,100 SEK including VAT, for the JSD mat, while the mouse pad, keyboard and mouse pad can be had for US$199, which is around 2,750 SEK Including value added tax.

What do you want to charge wirelessly?