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Statement issued by Nike after angry reaction to England kit and St George's Cross change

Statement issued by Nike after angry reaction to England kit and St George's Cross change

Nike has spoken out after backlash over the new England kit design and insisted the importance of the country's flag is understood despite its color change.

Nike was responsible for the New England group

Nike, which designed the latest England national team kit, confirmed that “it was never our intention to offend” after it changed the color of the St. George's Cross flag.

The Three Lions released their latest strip this week, but faced significant criticism for placing the country's flag on the back of the collar and including touches of blue and purple. Nike has been working with the English Football Association for more than a decade, but the American company has been accused of not understanding the importance of the English flag.

England will wear the new kit when it faces Brazil at Wembley on Saturday evening, before facing Belgium just days later. There are already calls to recall the sector, and among those calls is the Prime Minister, who says, “When it comes to our national flags, we should not mess with them.”

Nike has now come out and confirmed that it did not want to offend the public and that its design was created to celebrate the successes of 1966. The statement read: “We have been a proud partner of the FA since 2012 and understand the significance and significance of this.” The importance of the St George's Cross and it was never our intention to offend, given what it means to England fans.

“Along with the FA, the aim was to celebrate the 1966 Champions and their achievements. The decoration of the cuffs is inspired by the training equipment worn by the 1966 England Champions, with a gradient of blue and red topped with purple. The colors also feature an interpretation of the flag on the back of the Collar.

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As did Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer The sun said “Science is used by everyone, is uniform, and does not need to be changed.” He also added: “We just need to be proud of that. So I think they should reconsider this and change it again.”

The England Under-21s wore the new shirt in front of the first team during their game on Thursday night, with standout player Harvey Elliott playing with a higher collar, to conceal the new flag.

The back of the England Euro kit featured the flag with a change of colour(Palestinian Authority)

Despite calls to do so, the FA claims it will not recall the new kit and insists the flag has worn different colors in the past.