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Apple folds down?  Dropping Lightning and USB-C Mode in iPhone 15?

Apple folds down? Dropping Lightning and USB-C Mode in iPhone 15?


Apple is expected to abandon the lightning jack.

Apple is expected to follow suit and actually offer USB-C in the next generation of iPhone models, in line with upcoming EU regulations.
– I can’t see that there are any disadvantages, says Chalmers lecturer Maria Ljungren.

On Tuesday evening, Swedish time, Apple is expected to showcase the iPhone 15, the next generation of the technology giant’s best-selling mobile phone. Most evaluators believe that these four models have one thing in common:

“The new generation iPhone 15 is expected to come with USB-C charging,” smartphone analyst Chiew Le Xuan of Canalys wrote in an email to TT.

Consequently, Apple has eliminated the Lightning jack, which has been present in iPhones since 2012.

The reason for this shift is EU regulations, which means USB-C will become the charging standard for a wide range of electronic gadgets from the end of next year.

The goal is to reduce electrical waste as the same charger can be used for all mobile phones, tablets and cameras.

11 thousand tons of electrical waste

According to the European Union, abandoned and unused chargers represent 11,000 tons of electrical waste annually in the Union, and cost consumers a quarter of a billion euros.

– Standardization helps reduce material consumption, as you do not have to have many different types of wires and chargers. Overall, things are moving in the right direction, says Maria Ljungren, lecturer in sustainable materials systems at Chalmers University.

The image shows USB Type-A and Type-C connectors as well as Apple’s Lightning connector.

Apple has protested, arguing that the legislation stifles innovation and ironically leads to more electrical waste in the short term, as a billion wires, docks and other Lightning gadgets are rendered useless.

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-If you can collect them, you can make good use of the materials. After all, many of these products are short-lived anyway, says Maria Ljungren.

Apple makes billions from lightning

It is estimated that Apple makes billions of dollars annually from selling its own cables, in addition to selling certificates to other manufacturers.

In theory, Apple will shorten the switch to a separate European version of the iPhone, but Chiew Le Xuan doesn’t think so, citing, among other things, logistical problems.

The truth is that USB-C is starting to overtake Lightning cable in terms of technology, with faster transfer speeds and charging options. Apple isn’t really against cable. In 2016, the company introduced such a port in the Macbook Pro computer, and since 2018 it is also present in the iPad Pro.