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The green light for viewers of the European Championship in Rome

The Italian Football Association demanded the government to respond.

It has now come.

The Federation announced that there will be an audience at the Olympic Stadium in Rome for this summer’s European Football Championship Finals – no fewer than 17,000.

There will be an audience for Italy's matches at the European Football Championship in Rome.  Photo gallery.

There will be an audience for Italy’s matches at the European Football Championship in Rome. Photo gallery.

Photo: Massimo Paolone / AP / TT

On Monday, Gabriel Gravina, president of the Italian Football Federation, wrote to Prime Minister Mario Draghi demanding that Rome continue to be the host city in this summer’s European Football Championship. This is because UEFA has been working to get an answer from the audience’s question. UEFA first wanted to know the possibilities of receiving spectators in the various arenas of the European Championship on 7 April, but then gave several host countries another twelve days.

On the Italian side, the government’s scientific advisor Franco Locatelli wanted to postpone a final announcement until May.

“Wonderful news”

But already on Tuesday, there was a response from the Italian government. A statement said that the Olympic Stadium in Rome will be able to accommodate “at least 25 percent” of its capacity, or about 17 thousand spectators, as reported by Reuters news agency.

Italy will play the three group matches in Rome, including the opening match against Turkey on 11 June. Later, the European Championship quarter-finals will be decided in the capital. Gabriele Gravina previously called for 30 percent of the capacity, nearly 20,000 spectators, to be allowed into the ring. However, the message was welcome.

“The government’s approval to accept spectators for the European Championship matches in Rome is great news that we will immediately move to UEFA,” Gravina said in a statement.

As a result, seven of the twelve host cities in the European Championship qualifiers due to the Corona pandemic got the green light for the public: Amsterdam, Baku, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Glasgow, London, Rome and Saint. Petersburg.

Question marks of Swedish interest

Now it remains to be seen when Bilbao, Dublin and Munich will come up with their own messages. Which, if nothing else, has additional significance for Sweden and national team captain Jan Anderson is set to meet Spain at the first show in Bilbao – then Poland and Slovakia in Dublin.

The UK has previously offered to play more matches in Glasgow and London if UEFA chooses to capture some specific host cities.

Facts: The Host Cities of the European Football Championship

Twelve cities will host the European Football Championship this summer:

Amsterdam, Baku, Bilbao, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Glasgow, London, Munich, Rome and Saint Petersburg.

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