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The government's new tuition fee is a snail's way in the right direction - business

The government’s new tuition fee is a snail’s way in the right direction – business

When I read the SPD press release about school fees, my thoughts immediately went to Robin Hood. The fact that charter schools will finally receive lower tuition fees than municipal schools is a small step in the right direction.

So I patted him on the back but at the same time “what did we say” to politics.

In this free school drama, S now takes on the role of Robin Hood, a kind green-hatted fox who wants to get a little better distribution of the available money.

We at the Swedish Teachers’ Union Students’ Union think this is absolutely true, of course, but it may seem a little too late and a bit too late. You who know me know that I am a great optimist, allow me a little doubt.

Marketing School Should Be Stopped

Since the free school reform came in 1992, Swedish schools have declined. Social gaps widened and apartheid became a reality. We’ve basically seen Swedish schools skid backwards off the cliff for 30 years, and politics has done nothing.

School marketing, which is the result of free choice of school in conjunction with charter school reform, should be stopped. Our tax money should not be deducted as earnings after driving into a free school.

I would even venture to say that everyone in Sweden thinks it reasonable to keep the tax money that goes to school in the school. Plus perhaps the charter school group owners who are making a fortune out of our incredibly lucrative school system.

Reasonably distributed school fees are good but not sufficient, and it should never be possible to make a profit out of luxury.

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Limited companies should be banned in the school and the state should be allowed to take over the management of the school because the municipal administration has made the dream of an equal school impossible.

Municipalities keep the portfolio of funds

All children, parents and schools, regardless of geographic location, should have the same opportunity to obtain a quality education. This is not how it looks today. Since the municipality keeps the portfolio of funds, it is possible that completely different priorities will be set at the school.

Courtesy of Magdalena Anderson and Lena Axelson Kellblum and marvel that no one has hatched this proposal before. In 30 years, maybe a Swedish school will spin the skis in the right direction and head down a gentle slope, then LR Stud can say “what did we say” again.