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Swedes representatives in the world increase cooperation in the UK

Swedes representatives in the world increase cooperation in the UK

On February 9, the Swedish Embassy in the United Kingdom called a meeting in London to meet with local Swedish representatives in the country. Swedes, representatives of the world were present.

The Swedes at Representatives of the World in London, Anneli Pinchard and Maria Karlsson were invited to the Embassy to introduce the Swedes on the ongoing activities in the world of the Swedish Ambassador in London, Michaela Comlin Granit. The meeting was also attended by representatives of Business Sweden, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom, the Swedish School in London, the Church of Sweden in London and Visit Sweden.

Possibility for future cooperation

It was a very interesting and informal meeting where the participants reported on their organizations and looked forward to future activities as many common focal points were found, not least the upcoming parliamentary elections in Sweden. Potential collaborations between organizations to convey practical information on how to vote from abroad were discussed. Aneli and Maria informed that during the spring the Swedes of the world will organize special elections with all parliamentary parties. In these, representatives of each parliamentary party will be interviewed for 30 minutes via Zoom. The interview is based on questions from Swedes members of the world.

New ways to reach Swedes abroad

Participants also looked in the rearview mirror and were able to stress that despite the severe pandemic, organizations were quickly able to change and find new ways to reach Swedes abroad through digital development and digital events, including Swedes in the world. SVIV representatives said that the Swedes of the world succeeded in attracting many participants to the organization’s digital event and gained strong commitment and interest in the coup. Since digital events can be planned at different times of the day to better match the local times of Swedes abroad and certain events are recorded, the Swedes of the world have reached a wider audience. At Svenskar i Verdens Livefika, exclusive to members, participants can put their questions about overseas deaths, funerals, family law, taxes and the social insurance system directly to experts from Fonus, Familjens Jurist and Grant Thornton.

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Our representatives Aneli and Maria were very happy to be invited to the physical meeting at the embassy and were imbued with a new wonderful energy after the meeting.

Read more about the elections and the Livefika Valspecial here.

Read more about Live Coffee coming up with Grant Thornton on tax and social insurance issues here.

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