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Nyamko Saboni chooses Åkesson and Biden - Arbetet

Nyamko Saboni chooses Åkesson and Biden – Arbetet

Then it’s time again. SD’s Jimmie Åkesson appeared Wednesday night on the SVT interview show 30 minutes He asked the host to choose which political leader Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin would prefer.

Åkesson Don’t want to choose. On the other hand, he made it clear that he would of course prefer the American social system – which was born Donald Trump – over the Russian one.

It wasn’t long before Annie Love penned a sharp tweet and soon many social democrats and environmentalists did the same. Rehearsals for the 2018 election campaign, No Sorry 2022, are underway.

Oddly enough, the liberals took the opportunity to remind everyone of their sad existence. The party went well together split image Where they try to assume moral superiority because they really You can choose between Putin and Biden. Their favorites don’t tell us the picture, but you have to assume that Bidens are the ones behind them.

It’s not about Joe Biden

party like sweden They actively chose to side with Putin’s relativists in the SD and thus want to be praised for their ability to choose a foreign democrat over a foreign tyrant. Embarrassed.

in his book polished enough Jimmie Åkesson writes about how SD sees the world: “We simply don’t want the fragmented society – without soul – that the liberal social establishment has created for us. We are fighting it.”

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The Liberal Social Establishment That Destroyed Society In the eyes of SD, it’s not Joe Biden who’s going around. They are Bengt Westerberg and Maria Lesnar, they are Birgit Frigebeau and Maria Arnholm, Gunnar Helen and Sven Weeden, Ann Whipple and Cecilia Malmström.

Jimmie Åkesson promised his constituents, with Ulf Kristersson, to undo the decades of progressive achievements the liberals had always been behind. This is what few L voters understand. That’s why hate SD.

Liberals don’t understand anything

On the other hand, the current leadership of the Liberal Party does not understand anything. Otherwise how can one explain that they have been busy all week with no quick understanding of the government issue?

Integration Party spokesman Robert Hanna On Twitter M and KD . pointed out – That you want to “l” form a government with – is unreliable in terms of human rights. In an interview with Expressen, party leader Nyamko Saboni confirmed that Ulf Christerson can trust her party. SD on the other hand, they are traitors And maybe support the S government after the election.

Yes you hear. This is a party that is certainly capable of choosing Biden over Putin, but it is utterly unable to stop its self-harming behavior.

If it wasn’t so much fun, you’d almost be sad.