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The German economy is facing a strong recovery according to the Bundesbank

The German economy is facing a strong recovery according to the Bundesbank

Flexible hybrid working has been a workplace strategy for many companies even before the pandemic, but there is now a broader interest in offering employees the opportunity to be able to choose where, when and how to collaborate in a more dynamic and activity-based way. As a result, our physical, social and digital work environments are changing drastically for many.

It’s not just one individual or another member of staff and the property manager who is currently scratching their head about how to handle a gradual and safe return to offices. The future trend seems to be that companies see themselves as having a large portion of their employees in the office 2-3 days a week, while the other days are spent remotely. This creates questions about how much office space we will need in the future – and data is missing for many.

Physical encounters still carry certain risks of infection and health with new waves of virus variants approaching. Thus, further development of existing smart digital office solutions, to support a safer return to the office, has been a focus over the past year at PropTech Rapal, which is also facing the same issues.

—We’ve worked with this ourselves for ten years, and we’ve learned a lot with our customers over the years, says Pontus Kellmann, Optimaze’s Head of Business Development in Rapal. With our leadership, we now know that companies, with our tested Optimaze Worksense solution, can have smart tools to manage the capacity of their employees and ensure that everyone maintains the right distance via open, transparent and visible communication across the office’s “digital twin.”

smart office

Optimaze Worksense is a smart office solution with an associated mobile app that makes it possible to easily book and cancel available offices, meeting rooms or parking spaces even before you leave home. It is also possible to check physical presence or air quality in real time, using data from sensors. In this way, the employee can feel safe before he books a place and leaves the house, and does not have to expose himself to unnecessary risks, for example, the metro, if the office is already fully booked.

There should be opportunities to find and share resources via technical tools, make flexible error reports, or track aspects such as office air quality. The Digital Assistant eliminates controversies such as non-essential travel, value-added applicants and those who do not contribute to work.

Internet of Things data analytics

Then it is important to follow in the long term – with Optimaze Worksense you can measure and analyze IoT data on how resources are being used. This provides insights that can then form the basis for more sustainable, efficient and cost-effective office planning.

We help improve workplaces from an environmental, cost, and personnel perspective, based on constantly collected data so that the environment supports the way the organization operates in the future. All of this may sound complicated, difficult, and expensive – but it only takes a day to set up the system, and it costs about “one cup of latte per employee” per month.

On a larger scale, Optimaze also enables a lot of other things in property management. Close to 40 million square meters of digital floor plans, more than 30,000 leases and 1.6 billion euros in annual property sales have been optimized and managed with the help of the program worldwide in 40 countries.

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