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Volvo Cars rules when the government designed an extra bonus

Volvo Cars rules when the government designed an extra bonus

Digital meeting is both scary and lovable. Regardless, it is now a must-have for the majority of people. How to make a digital meeting interactive and above all secure while working remotely? This puzzle has been solved by NUITEQ, the company that is constantly striving for smarter human interaction; Meet NUITEQ stage.

The thing that has become clear during the pandemic is that we humans need to interact with each other. It could be the automatic exchange of information in the coffee machine or that ingenious idea that appears during the workshop. It can be difficult to achieve these interactions during a digital meeting. Some who have a solution to the problem are NUITEQ, thus they launched their web-based service NUITEQ Stage in Sweden.

It’s all about maximizing the interaction between people in the meeting. Initially, NUITEQ Stage was a tool used only in meeting rooms on large interactive touch screens, but with all of the remote work we saw great value in being able to enhance interaction between people in digital meetings, whether they were on a computer or a touch screen, as says Johan Schager, Product Manager at NUITEQ.

This is how an interactive meeting room works

NUITEQ started from its own whiteboard tool and then integrated video, audio and chat functionality into the collaboration area. No download is required to join a meeting, all you need is a web browser and a link.

– The thing that is also easy for those holding the meeting is that you can easily prepare for the meeting and follow it in the digital service. Let’s say I’m going to hold a digital meeting; Then I can first go to the link and prepare by uploading the final documents, images or templates. During the same meeting, my colleagues can easily interact via the whiteboard tool, and after a few days we can all go to the link again and continue what we discussed, says Johan Sch├Ąger.

Meet the growing demands for data security

With more and more information being exchanged remotely, it is important to secure your data. NUITEQ ensures this for Swedish companies and authorities by choosing a Swedish server and thus reducing data flows from Sweden.

Companies place higher and higher demands on their suppliers when it comes to data security, but today there are very few meeting tools that can actually meet these requirements. With NUITEQ Stage, we have succeeded in achieving the required security by adapting the service for Swedish companies. For example, we provide Swedish data storage and those who are invited to a meeting have the opportunity to allow meeting participants to legalize their identity using the Swedish Bank ID, Johan Schaer concludes.


NUITEQ is a software company that creates solutions that make it easier for groups and businesses to collaborate in a smarter and more humane way.

With more than ten years as pioneers in smarter human interaction, NUITEQ is redefining collaboration and co-creation in remote work.


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