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Oppo Air Glass - Translated Glasses Now Launched

Oppo Air Glass – Translated Glasses Now Launched

At Oppo’s Inno Day event this year, a gadget that could be compared to a pair of augmented reality glasses called Oppo Air Glass was presented, but Oppo themselves believe it’s an aR product, with a little bit of confusion. A bit confusing, but we’ll explain. AR stands for Augmented Reality, which means that 3D objects are projected onto reality via a screen, while aR on the other hand is called augmented reality. This means that information can only be displayed in 2D.

Air Glass consists of two different parts, a pair of eyeglass frames, either with corrective glass, or without glass, and a part that rests on the frame and contains a projector and a lens on which information is projected.

The projector should be the size of a coffee bean and can display information at up to 1,400 nits of brightness to be able to present objects even in very bright environments.

Air Glass can be controlled by hand movements (if you have a watch), a touch panel, or by key movements. Via Air Glass you should be able to get information, for example, about the weather, calendar, health measurement, navigation and teleprompter. He should also be able to help you with translations, that is, he listens to what is being said and displays the translation on the glass so you can read. To be able to use the product, you need an Oppo phone with ColorOS11 or later, if you want to pair a watch, you need an Oppo Watch 2.

As it stands now, the Oppo Air Glass will be launched in China during the first quarter of next year. There is no information yet on launch in other countries.

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