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“The Favorite” was the best movie of the year

“The Favorite” was the best movie of the year

Here in Berlin, at the annual Academy Film Awards, the film won no fewer than eight awards, including Best Director, Best Comedy and Best Actress. This is a record number. No film has ever won so many awards at the EFA ceremony.

Yorgos Lanthimos' “The Favourite” began its winning streak at the 2018 Venice Film Festival. There it won the Grand Jury Prize and the acting award for Olivia Colman – and the current “Crown” has since given Colman the Oscar for Best Actress, among other things.

“common sense”

Danish Trine Dyrholm, who was nominated for the female acting award for Hagerter Dam, told TT ahead of the award:

– It goes without saying that Olivia Colman will win. She also won in Venice last year, and then I sat on the judging panel there and asked her, “Please, please, can I be the one to give her the award.” And I got that, which is a great honor.

In second place on the awards list was the film “Pain and Glory” by director Pedro Almodóvar, with two awards, the most anticipated of which was the acting award for Antonio Banderas. He will be the one who can challenge Joaquin Phoenix (“Joker”) for the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Swedish award

Sweden had several opportunities to win awards, as Tova Novotny was nominated for the debut award for directing the film “Blind Spot,” and duo Billy Kagerman and Hugo Lilja were also nominated for the same award.

Levan Gelbakhiani was nominated for Best Actor for Levan Akin's “And Then We Danced,” which was also nominated in the People's Choice category. Now the only Swedish award has gone to the quintet behind the visual effects in director Roy Andersson's “Of the Infinite.”

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Gunnar Rehlen/TT

“And Then We Danced” – Nominated for People’s Choice Award and Best Actor.

“Aniara” – nominated in the “European Discovery” category.

“Borders” – to “People's Choice”

“On Infinity” – won Best Visual Effects

Tova Novotny – Nominated for her Norwegian film “Blind Spot”