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55 best '90s movies for a hearty dose of nostalgia

55 best '90s movies for a hearty dose of nostalgia

There's no doubt that 90s movies give us a lot of nostalgia. I mean we've seen the likes of Home Alone, Jurassic Park, Silence of the Lambs a duck Matilda Over and over again and never tired of them.

And we will never – and we mean never – ever find out 10 things I hate about you One of the funniest romantic comedies, We'll Never Stop Crying is a tearjerker Titanic – even though we know Jack definitely won't be back – and who wouldn't want Hugh Grant Four weddings and a funeral On a big screen? Then there are movie titles that have become phrases in our daily dictionary without us realizing Sliding doors two hard day – Talking about an innovator.

We also can't help but point out the faces that made the '90s an impossible icon, like the Olsen twins in films like It takes two.

The '90s also shaped the way we dress to this day – featuring the original inspiration behind the Y2K looks we love to wear. there ignorant Iconic styles, the red spaghetti strap dress It's all of thatOTK shoes from Julia Roberts Pretty womantorches everywhere They are in a confused dazeUma Thurman's timeless white button-down shirt Pulp Fiction

There are style references so prolific that you may have forgotten where they came from, but there's nothing we love more than a good throwback, which is why we're bringing you this roundup. So, without further ado, here are 55 of the best '90s movies to inspire your wardrobe and indulge you completely.

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