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The European Union is ready to punish those in Belarus who are behind the emigration

The European Union is ready to punish those in Belarus who are behind the emigration

A further 30 people and companies in Belarus may be allowed by the EU. This is after the foreign ministers of the 27 member states agreed on Monday that the criterion for allowing them to contribute to the crisis on the EU’s outer border is to do so. Thousands of migrants have been stranded on the Polish border in recent weeks.

Lists of disabled assets in the EU and the names of persons and companies barred from entering the EU country are already circulating. The list is still a week or a few weeks away from being fully established, as the sanctions are waterproof and legal investigations must be completed. But among other things, travel agencies and a hotel named after Minsk, where immigrants lived before getting help to cross the border, are included.

The European Union is working with the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom to make sanctions more effective.

Last week, the Turkish decision The Civil Aviation Authority has banned citizens of Iraq, Syria and Yemen from buying tickets or boarding flights to Turkey with Belarusian targets.

The European Union (EU) has already signed an agreement with Iraqi government airlines to stop the flow of migrants from Baghdad to Minsk. On Monday The Iraqi government announced Citizens who wish to return home voluntarily will be airlifted to Minsk later this week.

Belarus’ dictator Alexander Lukashenko has warned the European Union against imposing further sanctions. He threatens to shut down Russian gas via Belarus on its way to the EU.

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Secretary of State Ann Linde.

Photo: Pontus Lundahl / TT

Secretary of State Ann Linde He said the situation after the meeting should not forget the vulnerable immigrants. He expects organizations such as the Red Cross to gain full access to the area, as the UN refugee agency UNHCR has recently received.

Ann Linde wants to increase Poland’s transparency and seek the assistance of the European Union’s border security force, Frontex, as Lithuania did.

Are you pushing foreign ministers in Poland to get help from Frontex?

“Above all, we support the situation in Poland, but we also emphasize the need for humanitarian assistance to migrants and refugees, and it must be transparent,” said Ann Linde.

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