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Portugal: Olagligt kontakta anställda utanför kontorstid

Portugal: Illegal contact with employees outside of office hours

Portugal has adopted new labor laws that make it illegal for managers to communicate with employees outside of office hours. New rules have come at a time when more people with epidemics are working from home.

The new labor laws were adopted by the Portuguese parliament in early November, and it is clear that employees have the right to an 11-hour ‘night’ rest that is not allowed to be disturbed, except in emergencies; CNBC writes.

Need cash assistance

Under the new rules, employers will have to contribute to staff costs incurred by increased homework, such as the Internet and electricity. At the same time, managers must meet with their employees face-to-face at least once every two months.

Portuguese Minister of Labor Ana Mendes Codinho Epidemiology describes delivery as a “game changer” where employees can determine for themselves where and how they work.

May be fined

Even if the rules do not apply to companies with less than ten employees, employers who do not follow the new rules will be fined.

However, not all of the proposed laws have been passed. The Portuguese parliament did not approve the proposal, which gives employees the “right to disconnect” and close their work units at the end of the day. Rules including the “right to disconnect” have already been introduced in countries such as France and Spain and are being discussed in the UK.

Studies show that people spend more time working at home during infections.

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