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Sweden wins Olympic qualifier against South Korea

Sweden wins Olympic qualifier against South Korea

After a 4-0 win in the first qualifying round against Slovakia, Damkronorna faced young and inexperienced South Korea on Saturday, the lowest-ranked team in the group.

Sweden was the favorite in the match in Louisville and handled the Swedish players well.

Sweden did not even play three minutes of the game when they scored two goals. The first goal of the match was scored by Olivia Carlson. 30 seconds later, Felicia Wigner Gienkievich increased Sweden’s lead to 2-0.

The match then ended with Emma Nordin scoring 3-0, Sarah Hzlmerson 4-0, Lina Lungblom 5-0, Linnia Hedin 6-0 and Felicia Wigner Jienkievich 7-0. .

– We scored those goals from the start, which is very important for the opponents we face, and they are the best at keeping and fighting until they think they have the rest of the match, says Ulf Lundberg, the national team captain of Damkronorna.

Although South Korea was a weak opponent and the Swedish players deserved a lot of praise. They offered a creative game, and many goals hockey candy.

In addition, Sweden continued the pace despite securing victory after the first period, scoring eight more goals in the next two.

– Sarah Hallmarson, Damcronorna’s pioneer, says that we shot well at the booth and that at every power break the coaches were on us to continue our game and good habits.

There was also the joy of playing in the snow that was dazzling from start to finish.

– You have to dare to play, I think we do, says Sarah Hallmarson.

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Among the players Lisa Johansson, who was a few goals behind, and two three-goal shooters Felicia Wigner Gienkievich and veteran Emma Nordin stood out a little extra. In addition, Sarah Hallmarson was excellent with five points, two goals and three assists.

When Sweden beat Slovakia, Sarah Gron usually defended the Swedish goal. Emma Soderbergh, who worked quietly between positions, against South Korea.

15-0 is Damcronorna’s biggest win in 26 years. In 1995, Sweden beat Great Britain 16-0.

After two All victories in the two matches will be decided in the third and final qualifying round to be held in Lulea. Like Sweden, France have won two of their opening qualifying matches. On Sunday night, the two teams meet, and the winner of that tournament is set for the Olympics in Beijing in February next year.

– We will continue our path towards France and will not let go of the gas. Sarah Hallmarsson says before the match against France that we need to be strong in front of both boxes, turn the game around quickly and they should have no time with the buck.

How long do you want to be in Beijing in February?

– Very happy, she responds with a smile.

Women’s crowns have been featured in all the Olympics. This is the first time Sweden has qualified for the Olympics.

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