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The birth of a baby, Halima, could be a new world record



Halima Cisse, 25, was expecting seven children, according to an ultrasound.

It was the ninth.

– God gave us these children, the husband says to the BBC.

When doctors in the financial capital, Bamako, counted seven fetuses on ultrasound, they realized that the lives of mothers and children were threatened. Soon, the future standard mother was on her way to the modern hospital Clinique Casablanca Ain Borja in Morocco.

After five weeks in Casablanca, Halima Cisse gave birth to five girls and four boys on Tuesday by Caesarean section – two more children than expected. Nilings are born at the 30th week of pregnancy and weigh between 500 grams and 1 kilo.

– I’m very happy. My wife and children are fine. God gave us these children. He decides what happens to them. I am not worried. Her husband, the counselor, Qadir Arabi, says: When God does something, he knows why The British news company BBC From home in Timbuktu.

One of nine children.

Photo: Akdital Group

One of nine children.

14-year-old American mother Nadia Suleiman holds the world record in childbirth as all survived, According to the Guinness Book of Records. After fertility treatment, she gave birth to eight children in 2009, six boys and two girls who are now twelve years old. Guinness will now decide whether Halima Cisse’s birth of her baby is the new first sign.

When a woman in Australia gave birth to Zero in 1971 and another in Malaysia who did the same in 1999, all babies died within a few days.

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Halima Sisi’s nine children are currently being looked after in incubators. It is unclear whether fertility treatment caused the birth registration, but it is likely, according to Yaqoub Khalaf, professor of reproductive medicine.

The likelihood of the mother losing her womb or dying was very high. Babies can suffer physical and mental harm. The risk of cerebral palsy injuries was much higher than normal births. He says to the AP news agency.

Khalaf seized the opportunity to demand better control over fertility treatments around the world, and warned of the risks and costs involved in large births.

In many countries where abortion is legal, pregnant women with five or more fetuses are advised to have fewer babies, according to the BBC.

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