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Expectations: Then the Chinese missile will crash

Expectations: Then the Chinese missile will crash

On April 29, the rocket was launched into space from China with building materials for the country’s space station project.

Since then, it has sunk unimpeded towards Earth and is now in low Earth orbit. This week it was clear that the missile would be entering Earth’s atmosphere uncontrollably.

According to recent forecasts by the Russian and American space authorities, the missile is expected to reach the atmosphere between Saturday and Sunday, somewhere across the Indian Ocean. Most of it will burn out, but there is a risk that parts of the missile will reach the Earth’s surface intact.

According to previous estimates, the missile will strike on Monday.

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USA: Won’t shoot

On Thursday, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced that the country has no plans to shoot down the remnants of the Chinese missile. It is hoped that, if they reach land, the parts will land in the sea Reuters.

We have no plan to shoot down the missile. “We hope he lands in a place where no one is hurt,” the minister said at a press conference.

At the same time, he criticized the Chinese authorities.

There have to be requirements for thoughtful and safe work for those of us who are active in space. To be taken into account when planning and implementing.

Sweden is off track

Currently, the missile is traveling at about seven kilometers per second around the Earth in an orbit that stretches from New York in the north to Chile in the south. In other words, there is no risk of any parts falling over Sweden, which are outside its orbit.

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One year ago, in May 2020, parts of a similar Chinese missile landed in populated areas in Cote d’Ivoire, but no one was injured.