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The best applications of this year according to Google

The best applications of this year according to Google

And the winners are…

Around the clock, Google presented the best apps in the App Store for 2023.

It’s that time of the year when Best of the Year lists are due in various fields, and as per tradition, Google also presents the Best Apps of the Year. Below are the winners in the major categories with their respective justifications. For the full list, visit Google’s Complete Accounting.

It should be noted that these are the American winners, while the Swedish list consists only of the list of apps that you can find on the Play Store apps page.

Best app: Imprint: Learn visually

As our App of the Year for 2023, Imprint: Learn Visually features mini-lessons that use visual storytelling to bring concepts to life. Explore the worlds of psychology, history, health, technology, and more in a whole new way.

Best game: Honkai: Star Rail

This fantastic sci-fi game was named our Game of the Year thanks to its excellent content, stunning graphics, and thoughtful design. By interweaving history and character stories throughout the game, Honkai: Star Rail provides constant entertainment for RPG fans and newbies alike.

Best app for multiple devices: Spotify

Whether you’re listening to your favorite music in the kitchen, on the go, or on a walk, Spotify excels when it comes to working seamlessly across devices. We like how you can remotely control playback on another device and download tracks or episodes for offline playback.

Best games for multiple devices: Outer Plane – Strategy anime

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We love the charming characters and engaging story, but OUTERPLANE’s ability to easily work on multiple devices sets it apart from other turn-based strategy experiences on Play. From outstanding PC performance to smooth screen transitions on foldable devices, OUTERPLANE is visually stunning, technically impressive, and downright fun.

Users’ choice of app and game

Users’ Choice Application: ChatGPT

Users’ choice of games: Monopoly Go!