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Xbox top site confirms: wants to port Game Pass to Nintendo and Playstation

Xbox top site confirms: wants to port Game Pass to Nintendo and Playstation

“Something new strategy.”

Microsoft intends to eventually bring first-party games and Game Pass into the fold “Every screen where games can be played”. One includes those that were previously considered competitors, such as Nintendo and PlayStation. That’s what Tim Stewart, Xbox’s CFO, explains below Wells Fargo TMT Summit.

What you’ll hear more and more from us is a new strategy. Without announcing anything big here, but our mission is to bring our first-party experiences and subscription services to every screen where games can be played.

That means smart TVs, that means handheld devices, and that means those we once considered competitors, like Playstation and Nintendo. We’re moving towards Nvidia Geforce now.

Maybe the dream of being able to see is still alive Manuscripts of the Sixth Sheikh On PlayStation? we will see. In the past, Xbox has seen both opportunities and challenges in taking Game Pass to competitors (via VGC).

Stewart says one of the motivations behind the Activision Blizzard acquisition was to increase profits for Microsoft’s gaming division. What was a lower profit margin for third parties is now a much greater profit margin for first parties – which also brings in profits on the Nintendo and Playstation platforms. You know, the deal is to keep Call of duty For ten years on both platforms.

And perhaps longer, if we want to follow through on plans to bring Game Pass to each platform individually.