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The AMD Threadripper Pro 7995WX outperforms the competition in Cinebench

The AMD Threadripper Pro 7995WX outperforms the competition in Cinebench

A few weeks ago, AMD launched a new line of processors under the Threadripper brand. Half is the Ryzen Threadripper Pro 7000, where the lineage from the server sector is particularly evident. Multiple cores, memory channels, and abundant PCI Express lanes are combined with slightly higher clock frequencies – including overclocking support.

In recent days, AMD has taken an interest in this Show off a little extra With the new processors yesterday, the 96-core Ryzen Threadripper Pro 7995WX managed to show its colors along with water cooling and overclocking up to 5.2 GHz. With American overclocker Sampson at the helm, AMD has set world records in several versions of Cinebench, more specifically R15, R20, R23 and R24.

Performance Suite

Ryzen Threadripper Pro 7995WX

Previous record


25,189 cc

15,564 cc


62,500 cc

40,254 CP

p. 23

167,309 cc

123,593 cc

p. 24

8,022 CP

6,159 cc

To achieve results it is Custom Water cooling is applicable. To keep temperatures in check with an unlocked power budget, the Threadripper Pro 7995WX is equipped with a Heatkiller IV waterblock, as well as a Thermaltake radiator and Enermax pump.


Results from Cinebench 15. Image source: AMD

The clock speed may seem low compared to the frequencies reached by common consumer processors, but with 96 cores to control the temperature, it’s not very fast. The drawback is that the power output actually depletes – when the processor is kept at more than 5.2 GHz GPUPI It consumes 1000 watts by itself.

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