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Epic facilitates cross-play on PC

Epic facilitates cross-play on PC

The gaming world is quite fragmented, but the work to bring players together is progressing. Crossplay, that is, when players from different platforms or services play together has become increasingly important over the years and it is not uncommon to see gamers on PC, Playstation and Xbox playing together. This varies a lot depending on what it’s running, and Epic Games has now updated the Epic Online Services tool to make it easier to develop. intersectionfunction on the computer.

Currently, PC players playing via Steam, Epic Games, or another platform are relatively locked on every platform. With the new Epic Online services, there will be more opportunity for players to experience titles together. New additions allow players to share their friends lists between Steam and Epic Games to make it easier to connect with them and start playing sessions together. Furthermore, it enables improved account linkage that allows Steam users to quickly and easily obtain an Epic Games account relatively automatically.

Developers will be able to choose which components of Epic Online Services will be implemented in their titles and that the entire system will be updated in the background without the need for manuals.

For now, the new changes facilitate the connection between the Epic Games Store and Steam, but support for more PC platforms will come in due course.

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