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Tax is not always enough

Pandora Leak: Lines will never be enough

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The list of the world’s biggest tax evaders includes 200 new Swedes. ICIJ, the International Federation of Investigative Journalists, is behind this revelation. About 12 million documents showing how government leaders, criminals, artists, sports stars and millionaires hide their assets in tax havens.

Among those revealed was Tony Blair, a former prime minister England, President of Ukraine and Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrei Babis. They have hired the same law firms as criminals to cover up their assets.

No flattery

Bobbis himself fought corruption and tax crime, so this leak will not praise him Swedish names will certainly be released as time goes on, but already everything from gang criminals to DJ group Swedish house mafia have been isolated. However, the documents show that it is not allowed to register a company with the name “Mafia”. It is paradoxical that this leak shows that these plans are really like the Mafia.

It’s really about tax avoidance. Instead of paying taxes in the country where you registered, you can register a company called Mailbox in Tax Paradise. One thing is that a band uses this arrangement, which is often a wonderful message, you want to read. But the exposure of government leaders who have vowed to act against corruption and tax crimes is far more serious. This type of tax evasion not only affects themselves, but deepens inequality.

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Do not believe the right thing

The most interesting thing, however, is that the leak points to one thing: we should never trust right-wing warnings when someone wants to raise taxes. The arguments are always the same: reduce taxes otherwise companies and all assets will flee elsewhere. But it is not clear how many tax cuts and deductions we are introducing. Even if we remove all existing taxes to deal with property tax, inheritance tax, security tax and gaps, millionaires will always try to avoid taxes. But those who benefit from not being taxed will not show gratitude by staying in the country and they will always try to escape no matter how much we roll.


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