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Greenpeace in the campaign to ban fossil advertising in the European Union

Greenpeace in the campaign to ban fossil advertising in the European Union

The “Pan Fossil Fuel Advertising and Sponsorships” campaign is centered on a citizen initiative and requires the European Commission to take a stand on the ban if one million citizens support it. This will prevent companies selling vehicles or transporting fossil fuels from entering into sponsorship agreements or advertisements.

A fossil advertising advance is similar to the advertising barriers we already have for other harmful substances such as tobacco. It is absurd that we continue to allow advertising by companies that want to continue burning fossil fuels. We expect support to grow rapidly, he says Gustav Mortner, A spokesman for Greenpeace Advertising and Marketing Legal Issues in a Press Release.

According to a Greenpeace press release, the ad is “clearly separated from freedom of expression” because of its commercial purpose. The same pattern used for tobacco companies would work well against fossil fuels.

Similar proposals have been put forward throughout Europe, including France and the United Kingdom. In Amsterdam, it was decided last year to ban advertising for diesel cars and low-cost flights on the metro. Proposals have also been submitted in Swedish cities.

– A decision is needed at the EU level to ban fossil advertising. To get there quickly, cities around Europe need to take the lead. This fall, similar projects are on the table in both Stockholm and Gothenburg, and we expect them to now take the baton and become an international pioneer by banning international fossil ads, Anna Johnson The new weather company is Sweden, which is behind the campaign.

The campaign is ahead of the COP 26 Climate Conference in Glasgow in a month. To force the European Commission to take a stand on the proposal, one million verified EU citizens must have signed. Currently, the campaign has collected less than a thousand signatures.

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According to Eurobromometer 2021 90% of EU citizens agree that greenhouse gas emissions should be reduced.