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Switzerland and Czech Republic favorite - see World Cup results this afternoon

Switzerland and Czech Republic favorite – see World Cup results this afternoon

Two afternoon games are played at the World Cup, with Switzerland and the Czech Republic winning against Italy and Great Britain, respectively.

Switzerland played two matches in the World Cup against Italy in Group A in Helsinki on Saturday afternoon. Switzerland, who have a star-studded squad for the World Cup, had a big choice before the match and they didn’t care about that. Denis Malkin gave the Swiss team the lead in the first minute. By the end of the first period, Switzerland had beaten both Calvin Durkoff and Andres Ambul 2-0 and 3-0, respectively. Calvin Durkoff scored his second goal of the second half to make it 4-0.

Two Italian cuts in the third period were not enough. Switzerland scored the most goals and eventually won 5-2. A good Premier League victory for Switzerland, the leading team in Group A.

The Czech Republic faced Great Britain in Sweden’s group Tamper, Group B. After a goalless first period, the Czech lead came into the second round, with Madage Blumel making it 1-0 in front of a loud Czech crowd on the Nokia stage. Five minutes later, team captain Roman Cervenka took a penalty chance to extend the Czech lead, but Buck danced to the goal line, which was not considered a goal. However, the Czech Republic won 2-0 in just ten seconds through Jacques Fleck, which lasted until the third period.

Third, the Czech Republic got off to a great start, with Roman Cervanka serving 3-0 for David Zyrzek, who went 4-0 five minutes later. Madage Blumel then scored the second goal of the game 5-0 and sealed the match. Britain were reduced to 5-1, but it did not go far enough. The Czech Republic won its World Cup premiere 5-1 in the presence of an amazing crowd in Tampere, which was packed with both Britain and the Czechs.

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Late tonight, two more matches are waiting to end on Saturday. Finland will face Latvia in Tampere, Slovakia and Germany in Helsinki.

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Results from Saturday

Group a

Denmark – Kazakhstan

Switzerland – Italy

Germany – Slovakia

Group B

Sweden Austria

Czech Republic – United Kingdom

Finland – Latvia