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Eurovision, Achilles Loro shocks, but is out of the final

Eurovision, Achilles Loro shocks, but is out of the final

“Are you hot?” Like Madonna at the famous concert in Turin in 1987, Laura Puccini welcomed the Bala Olympic audience with the opening of the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest, which determined the other ten competitors to compete for the final victory on Saturday night. Switzerland, Armenia, Iceland, Lithuania, Portugal, Norway, Greece, Ukraine, Moldova and the Netherlands have already won the finals, along with Belgium, the Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Australia, Sweden, Romania and Serbia. Tuesday. Big Five has direct access to France, Spain, the UK, Germany and Italy, Mahmoud and Blanco on Saturday night. For a total of 25 countries. Great disappointment for San Marino, who teamed up with Axel Loro. The singer shocked the building by saying she was crazy with the stripper, but it was not enough to convince the jury and the TV. The singer, in the midst of exaggerated, exaggerated and exaggerated, flashes of fire, appeared with a sheer black lace dress and cowboy hat. Before chasing the mechanical bull, Loro – repeating a gesture he had already seen in San Remo – approaches guitarist Bass Dooms, kisses his mouth, and sends the audience (and the person in the press room) excited. Emma Muscat from Malta, known in Italy for her participation in Amici, also stayed outside.

Eurovision and Catelan: “This year’s peace news is even more important”

Alessandro Catalen is proud to start the semi-finals with the Italians, who are known to be inaccurate – while preparing for a major event like Eurovision. Then, as spectators have now learned, the betting speed picked up as eighteen rival nations showed off their performances in an hour and a half. From the mighty Jezebel cliff of Rasmus in Finland, to the scenery of Sheldon Riley in Australia, to a kind of wedding dress and heavy retina covering the face, to the wild Roman WRS. Eurovision has not forgotten the crisis in Ukraine until tonight: Laura Boschini and Micah demand peace, sing in the Stings Fraz and the people of Patti Smith have power. There is a place to pay homage to the Sanremo festival, which is said to be the father of Eurovision: “This is Italian history, to be remembered.” Like royal weddings in the United Kingdom or Thanksgiving in the United States, Sanremo – from Dominico Modocno to Manesquen – is an Italian tradition. The evening’s guest, Il Volo, in a semi-virtual version with Gianluca Ginoble in the distance, confirms that he has a govt influence. The trio knocked out the Bala Olympic in the rock version of Grande Amore, which they won at Sanremo 2015, and then competed in Eurovision. Regular greeting at 23.15, but removing Akhil Loro leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

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Akhil Laro at Eurovision in San Marino


After all the singers have sung, each country assigns two sessions with points 1 to 8, 10 and 12, one handed to the audience via television, announcements and the Eurovision website, and the other to a five-member panel of judges to act. Participating countries in the second semi-final (excluding their artist) are Germany, Great Britain and Spain. The top ten will cross the tour and perform again on Saturday the 14th Your palmDirect finalists are: Italy, Germany, Great Britain, France and Spain. All countries participating in the final vote.

Mahmoud and Blanco on the Big Five show at Eurovision. Singing competition


Three artists PlanePiero Baron, Ignacio Pochetto e Gianluca Ginobel. The latter led Govt positive It will work in standard version. “We will turn an issue into an opportunity,” said Claudio Fazolo, deputy director of Rai1. The trio, who represented Italy at the 60th Eurovision Song Contest (2015), topped television broadcasts and peaked third overall.

In the top five will be Germany (owner Harris – Rockstars), Spain (Channel – Silomo), UK (Sam Ryder – spaceman).And Together with Italy and France, direct access to the final.