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Swedish fans disappointed - banned from traveling to Glasgow

Swedish fans disappointed – banned from traveling to Glasgow

The jubilation knew no bounds when Viktor Clisson sent Sweden’s winner over Poland in St Petersburg. Had the score been 2-2, Sweden would have met Croatia on Monday. But with Claeson’s winning goal, it would have meant a group win and potentially a round of 16 against Ukraine at Hampden Park in Glasgow, on Tuesday.

This means that Swedish fans who were in Russia during the match against Poland will not be able to watch the Round of 16, as Ukraine will likely wait.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to go to Glasgow. Swedish fans who are not in Scotland must already stay out of the country. It’s the ten-day quarantine period, says Susan Peterson, president of Camp Sweden, when SportExpressen arrives at her after walking out of the match ground in St Petersburg.

How do you feel then?

– It is very annoying, but at the same time we understand what applies, they have an increased spread of infection, then we can not go there. We have to deal with it.

Funny: “I have many friends …”

Had Sweden played a draw with Poland and finished second behind Spain in the group, the quarter-final matches would have been played in Copenhagen and Croatia would have been the opposition.

Would you rather see Sweden take second place in the group, so you can see the match right away?

From a pro perspective, of course, but not for players, says Susan Peterson.

The players were jubilant after the victory over Poland. But he also complained that fans were not allowed to travel to Glasgow to support them.

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It’s sad that we can’t have so many Swedish fans, it’s sad that we can’t have the same rules everywhere in the European Championships, says Viktor Claesson.

– It is very sad that a play-off in the European Championship will be played without so many Swedish fans. Albin Ekdal says the planning is bad to put him in a country where no one else is allowed into.

However, some Swedish fans are expected to appear in the stands at Hampden Park. Those who live in Scotland and England are welcome to enter the arena.

– He’ll definitely be fans. There are many Swedes in the UK. I hope they get there. I have many friends in Glasgow who can work it out, says Michael Lustig who has played for several years in the Scottish League.

Sweden will likely meet Ukraine at Hampden Park on Tuesday at 21:00.

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