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Brenas installs coaching team - British video coach picks

Brenas installs coaching team – British video coach picks

Georgina Farman.

© Photo: Bildbyrån / Jonathan Näckstrand
Georgina Farman.

Brynäs continues to invest in Henrik Glaas as head coach of the SDHL team. In addition, the team acquired former player Georgina Varman as a video coach and individual coach.

Henrik Glass He coached the Brynäs SDHL team in 2019 and last season he helped lead the team to the Swedish Championship final. Yesterday it became clear that he will continue to be trusted to lead the team next season.

He has Philip Ericsson and Andreas Ostlund to help him at the same time Georgina Farman Come and become a video coach.

The 30-year-old Farman came to Sweden from the UK in 2013 and played 183 SDHL games with Linköping, Breinas and Gothenburg. Now the active career as a player is over.

Georgina previously played for Brynäs during her football career and it’s fun to welcome her back but in a different role. You will be responsible for the video and individual details of the players. Then you will also be an important part of building Brynäs IF’s first junior team on the women’s side, says sporting director, Erika Gramm.

– Her experience and knowledge will be very useful to continue our three-year plan for the women and girls business.

The Brynäs SDHL team will also have Ove Molin assisted as player developer while Johan Ryman and Henning Sohlberg will work with the goalkeepers.

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