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The Olympic riders fled to Poland

The Olympic riders fled to Poland

Dressage Rider Olga Safronova He was expelled from the Olympic team for criticizing the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko And the Belarusian Olympic leadership. The Belarusian Olympic Committee considered her horse to be injured.
Safronova then fled to Poland, where the horse was examined and declared healthy.

According to the Polish news agency BAP, Safronova ended up on the “black list” of regime critics who were punished by the Belarusian government after criticizing his regime.
Safronova tells BAP that if you are on the list, you will not be able to work or continue your sports career.

Staying in the home country is dangerous

Safronova felt that staying in his home country was dangerous.
– In Belarus, I was worried about my safety. I feel safe here, my horses are safe here.

Together with his partner, Safronova obtained a humanitarian visa in Poland. He now lives outside Warsaw and is training with the ambition of applying for Polish citizenship in order to represent the country in future competitions.

World Cup final in Gothenburg

Earlier this summer, Poland issued a humanitarian visa to a Belarusian sprinter. Christina Dimonovskaya Belarus wanted to force home from the Olympics in Tokyo after a dispute with Belarusian coaches.
Poland has received many Belarusian regime critics and activists.

Olga Safronova is ranked 272nd in the world and Gothenburg rode to the 2019 World Cup final, where she finished 17th Sandro Tamor (San Amore I x Rubinstein 46).

Olga Safronova, along with teammate Anna Karseva, qualified for the 2019 Olympics in Moscow, along with her teammate for the Olympics in Tokyo. Photo FEI / Martirosova Katya