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Sweden saves a point against England  National team

Sweden saves a point against England National team

Sweden got off to a tough start in their UEFA qualifier away to England. A tough match directly against the European champion.

The other two teams that make up the group are France and Ireland.

Friolina Rulfo and Magdalena Eriksson returned to the starting lineup of the national team. Both players missed a long period due to injury.

After 24 minutes of play, England took the lead. Lauren James found Alessia Russo's forehead. The Arsenal player made it 1-0 from close range.

Critical expert

Hanna Marklund criticized the Swedish defense regarding the goal.

– I will be watching the ball. Well done to Rousseau who pulled back to create a position. But Sembrant needs to follow the players, you are not at a numerical disadvantage. But you have to pick up players in the penalty area, says Marklund at SVT.

Rulfo equalized with a header after just over an hour of play. Recently substituted Rosa Cavaggi delivered a perfectly balanced cross, her first ball movement of the match.

Sweden was finally pushed back. But he managed to persevere and the final score was 1-1. Thus, the team gets one point in the difficult opening match of the European Championship qualifiers.

Fredolina Rulfo was satisfied with the result and the goal for her part.

– It was the right time in the game to equalize. We take with us that we can stand up to the nations of the world, which we know, but today we do it physically as well. “This way we hope to win against France,” she says.

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Blågult had a golden opportunity to leave London with three points in the EC qualifiers.

Blackstenius repents

Stina Plaxtenius ran past Mary Earps but the ball went the wrong side of the post.

-I know I could have managed it much better and I really want to do the simple thing and try to put the ball in. That won't be the case, it clearly causes frustration and disappointment in myself. I know it could have been a game-defining moment. Unfortunately, that's how football is, things don't always go as planned. She says she's just trying to accept.

On her way to the finish line, she had time to think a lot, Blackstenius says.

-I feel like I have a relatively large amount of time and in this case I just want to put it aside.

After being gone, she screamed in frustration.

– That's exactly how I felt. I would have reacted if I hadn't been so disappointed. Unfortunately, this is what happens and I wish I could undo it.

Defends the star after the loss

However, the national team captain praised the striker.

– I think she is playing a great game and is threatening, and she is in this role that we want, that is, the ninth role, which is difficult to face. Now she's met her teammate Woobin Moi and knows a little bit about how fast she is, we've talked about it, says Peter Gerhardsson.

– I haven't seen since then, you can see how the clearance is. You and she hope so too, of course.

The Union leader returns to something he brought up earlier: Blackstenius' defensive style.

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-But Stina is also very good tactically and is very difficult to face in the defensive game. She's one of our best defenders, even though she's not a backfield player.