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Sweden 10th after first dressage day

Sweden 10th after first dressage day

A total of 67 riders from 17 countries are taking part in this year’s European Championships in Avens, Switzerland. On Thursday, three of the European Championship participants, including 34 Swedish riders, rode their trusses.

Malin Josephson and his 13-year-old Zelding Golden Midnight were part of the team that won the European Championship bronze at Luhmühlen two years ago. The 33-year-old was first started by the Swedish Raiders and scored 65.17 per cent for his dressage scheme, giving him 34.1 penalty points and 26th place individually.

– Of course you can always wish for a little more, but overall I am very satisfied. He was quiet and finished the whole show well, Malin Josephson tells SVT Sport.

Christopher Forsberg finished second in the Swedish team with 13-year-old Zelding Hippo Sapporo and scored 68.41 percent -31.6 penalty and 18th place separately.

– Getting up and running is good, it’s a good result. I was a little dissatisfied with the performance and had to take a little more there. But this is better than the previous matches, so Christopher Forsberg tells SVT Sport that we should be happy with it.

The Great Britain team leads the competition

Halfway through the dressage moment, Great Britain took a clear lead with two riders separately. British Nicola Wilson tops the individual rankings and Great Britain leads the team with 44.2 penalty points. France are second with 56 penalties and defending European champions Germany are third with 57.1 penalties. Sweden are in tenth place with 65.70 penalty points.

Christopher Forsberg looks forward to the continuation of the competition, tomorrow he will support his teammates in the dresser and will continue preparations for the landscaping ride on Saturday.

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– It will be so much fun. We came here to try to get a medal with the team and we will run for it. We have a fantastic team and a great sense of belonging.

Strong introduction – Sjobork Best Sweden

Sofia Sjபோborg is only competing individually at the European Championships, and has teamed up with ten-year-old Marie Brijamolka von Marionshof Z for her first senior championship.
Sjöborg stood at the start of an impressive championship and is in twelfth place after the opening day. His costume was rewarded with 69.68 percent judges.

– Felt well! Sofia Sjobork tells SVT Sport that she listened well and that she was only 10 years old so it was exciting.

After today’s effort Sjobork praises her horse and develops her rationality about her strengths.

– She is a pretty strong woman with a lot of thoughts about everything. But I like mars because if you put them on your side they do everything for you. She is a fighter!

Tomorrow, the dressage moment continues with the remaining 33 riders.

As for Sweden, Malin Peterson rode with Charlie Brown 311 and was the last to leave the Swedish team with Sarah Alcotson Ostold and Chiculo.

SVT broadcasts live from the European Championship in field competition from the ground on Saturday

Current status after day 1