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Trade agreements between the UK and the US are delayed

Trade agreements between the UK and the US are delayed

Following Brexit, Prime Minister Boris Johnson reiterated the need for a free trade agreement with the United States. An agreement would mean lower tariffs, which would lead to increased exchanges between countries.

When the Prime Minister visited the White House on Tuesday, many believed that trade would be at the top of the agenda of world leaders. However, Joe Biden gave a different picture when he met with reporters before the meeting.

– We’ll discuss a little. We have to work through that, ”the president said.

“Americans are tough negotiators”

Earlier this week, Johnson gave the impression that the talks were facing a patrol.

– Want a deal, but we want a good deal. Americans are tough negotiators, Johnson said.

At the same time, according to Johnson, countries have had some success in terms of trade. This includes British meat and whiskey exports and aviation production, the prime minister told Sky News.

Agreements can be made with Canada and Mexico

Johnson previously had his intentions only in his own free trade agreement with the United States, but according to the BBC sources, negotiations are moving towards another alternative. The United Kingdom may be part of an existing agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico.

– The only question is whether America is ready. The ball is in their half, a source with insight into the British government tells the BBC.

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