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Boris Johnson mocks Macron-Piton in conversation with France

Boris Johnson mocks Macron-Piton in conversation with France

France was furious that Australia had violated the Security Agreement and the submarine agreement with France in support of the submarine agreement with the United States and the United Kingdom. The new treaty was concluded in the utmost secrecy behind the backs of the French.

The foreign minister called the deal a “back punch” and Macron recalled his ambassadors from Washington and Canberra.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Boris Johnson clarified what he thinks about anger.

– I think it’s time for some of our dear friends to do “Princess Un Grip” and “Tones-Moi Un Break” about this.

The French-English puns come from the English expressions “get a grip” and “give me a break” – so the Prime Minister hopes Macron’s government will calm down a bit and sharpen up.

Macron sends the ambassador back

In the afternoon, Presidents Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron spoke on the phone – and the tone softened considerably. In a joint statement, they agreed that it would have been better with open talks and that they would meet in Europe in October. It’s probably the G20 summit in Italy or something related to it, he writes Defender.

At the same time, Biden promised not to prevent France from future security talks around Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

Macron also announced that the recalled ambassador would return to Washington. No word was sent that the ambassador to Canberra had been sent back.

Ear file of President Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron was attacked when he met voters in June.
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