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Sweating in Britain: Hannah Malmodin, London 13 July 2022 - Foreign Journal

Sweating in Britain: Hannah Malmodin, London 13 July 2022 – Foreign Journal

London, Thursday.

Now those who can pull from here. It’s hot enough to melt asphalt, melt makeup, melt everything. This includes the unity of the ruling party. Because here is the biggest political crisis going on in human memory and the temperature is rising every minute.

There was talk of a “political meltdown” when Boris Johnson announced his resignation last week, and it has turned into a battle between the Tories’ new prime ministerial candidates.

Allegations of tax evasion And bad morals are in the air and spirits are high before the start of the first poll – which takes place later today. If so, some of the less populist candidates will have their prime ministerial dreams dashed by their own party mates in parliament.

One looks at the forehead of the polished politician one by one in television interviews. It’s hard to keep track of exactly what’s being said, because the heat and sweat stains of the speakers take over all other sensory impressions. There is talk of worse.

In a few days All previous heat records are expected to be broken here – all but two will be removed shortly before the last candidate vote in Parliament and before the final battle. People are advised to stay out of the sun, draw the curtains, drink plenty of water and do what they can to keep their body temperature under control.

When it’s hot, it’s hard to keep your spirits up and avoid trouble. Politicians in Parliament don’t know what the AC is like, but I want it to be as cool as possible. If more political problems are to be avoided for the British people.

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Hannah Malmodin, London.
[email protected]