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Expert: This is how a new Prime Minister is appointed in Great Britain

Expert: This is how a new Prime Minister is appointed in Great Britain

So far, eleven candidates have expressed interest in becoming the new leader of the Tory Party and thereby the new Prime Minister of Great Britain. The 1922 committee said on Monday that it would be announced on September 5 who it would be.

The committee consists of Conservative Party members who decide what the timetable for the process leading to the appointment should look like.

Two candidates should already be ready by July, and then let the rest of the party’s membership, fewer than 200,000, vote on who they want to take over as leader.

– Graham Brady, who will lead the committee on Monday, I am very keen to see this done as quickly and smoothly as possible.

“Could be an unlikely candidate”

After Boris Johnson He announced his resignation Speculation soon arose as to who would take over as Prime Minister in Great Britain. According to James Savage, founder of The Local newspaper, it’s not unusual for multiple candidates to express interest.

– Not all candidates think they have a chance of winning. But it is also a way to increase your prestige in the party and also increase your chances of getting a high-ranking ministerial post.

The first phase of voting will be held on Wednesday. It needs at least 20 nominations from the 358 members of Parliament to proceed. A minimum of 30 votes is required on Wednesday to go to the next poll on Thursday.

Among the candidates who have shone brightly recently is former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, one of the first to resign against Boris Johnson. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and Trade Secretary Benny Mordant have also become the talk of the town.

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– All three have a good chance. But Savage says it could be someone completely different.

So how does the process work? Watch the response in the clip above.