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Warm in Portugal, Italy, Great Britain and Spain

Thousands of firefighters are on standby, drought and health hazards.

During the week, exceptionally high temperatures are expected in Western Europe.

“Catastrophic damage could occur”, warns Europe’s national meteorological service.

Extreme heat and drought are prevailing in the western part due to heat wave Europe and may threaten the lives of citizens and tourists staying in the countries.

This alerts meteorologists PortugalItaly, UK And Spain. That is, temperatures up to 50 degrees are predicted there.

Reports indicate that a state of emergency has been declared in Portugal Reuters. The country has now raised its preparedness level to its third highest level of four to cope with the high temperatures.

Thousands of firefighters are on standby and people are being urged to do everything they can to prevent new fires.

During the state of emergency, which is in effect at least until Friday, the public is prohibited from visiting forests deemed to be at risk.

A woman fills buckets with water in the town of Figueres, Portugal, where residents tried to put out a forest fire on Tuesday.

Here, the heat is deadly

In England, officials have warned of exceptionally high temperatures, according to the National Weather Service with office. They have issued secondary warnings for extreme heat for many parts of the country – including north of Manchester – for both Sunday and Monday.

The health consequences are dramatic and affect entire populations. Be warned, it’s not just those who are hypersensitive to heat who are affected.

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Spain warns National Meteorological Service of Europe Exceptionally warm weather in many regions. Citizens and visitors are urged to take precautions and travel only if absolutely necessary.

“Severe or catastrophic damage to people and property can occur, particularly in vulnerable or vulnerable areas,” they write on their website.

In Italy, the fourth heat wave of the year has threatened to dry up rivers. A state of emergency has been declared in five regions, along with Poslätten in northern Italy. As Aftonbladet wrote earlier there are also risks of rivers drying up.

Italy is suffering from drought. Here, residents near Milan seek to cool off by the canal.

There is no risk of concern here

Meteorologist Sofia Söderberg says it is still unpredictable if warm air from southwestern Europe reaches Sweden.

– Says the surrounding air mass mixes the warm air and cools it as it moves north-east.

As a Swede, you still don’t have to worry about a heat wave posing any major health risks.

– He says it may be hotter in the middle of next week but it will affect us less.