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SVT Sport Reveals: That's the reason Fis General Secretary was fired

SVT Sport Reveals: That’s the reason Fis General Secretary was fired

When the International Skating Union (Fis) reported Friday night the news of the 55-year-old Louis being fired, they had wording about “total distrust” in the press release.

No reason was given, and on Monday evening they removed this sentence from their website.

Now SVT Sport can see why the Board of Directors voted for the UK Secretary General who has been in office since 2000.

The clear majority

In June of next year, Swiss Gian Franco Casper will resign after 23 years as president of the International Skating Federation.

According to SVT Sport sources, Lewis wants to succeed Kasper as chairman of the board and the reason for her dismissal is because she used the time and resources to nominate her for more than a year, at the same time as General Secretary. On the part of the FIS Board of Directors, it is seen as inappropriate and unfair to other candidates.

The two candidates already nominated are Swiss Urs Lehmann and Swedish billionaire Johan Ilias, nominated by the United Kingdom. Mats Orges, FIS Vice President and President of the Swedish Olympic Committee, has also expressed an interest in the presidency.

The incumbent president Casper and Lewis worked side by side for 20 years, but their relationship has recently deteriorated. When Lewis was voted on, the votes dropped 15–1 in favor of banishment.

According to SVT Sports’ sources, Lewis has yet to give up taking over the chairmanship of Fis.

Årjes: “There are good reasons”

SVT Sport has been in contact with Mats Årjes who, like other board members, declines to comment.

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– I can’t really say anything. None of the directors should or be able to say anything. It is like any other painting. It is a personnel issue that the business owner, i.e. Fis, has to deal with, as he says and continues:

There are good reasons for terminating a contract. Then everything goes in normal packing again.

What are the good foundations?

– I want to comment on that or I can comment on it or not.

SVT Sport has also been in contact with Fis, who said there is no one there interviewing about Lewis. Lewis himself refused to comment before the legal proceedings were completed.