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Dress up as a construction worker for a gym workout

Dress up as a construction worker for a gym workout

A gym in Southampton in southern England was reported to have ended up in court for not following the rules during the UK lockdown in November last year and had to close.

In December, according to the Daily Mail, as many as 60 people were seen entering and exiting the building. But the owners said the gym was not open but the painters and craftsmen were when they redesigned the building during its shutdown.

Now that same gym, Spartans Gym, is undergoing raised eyebrows again – the gym is allegedly still open and gym visitors are wearing construction work clothes to hide why they are actually there.

Photos taken outside the gym show how more than 20 people come and go from the gym.

The gym should be closed and those in and out of it are artisans, according to the gym. But based on their clothes, people question the whole thing.


Wear a construction jacket, helmet, running shoes, and shorts.


Two men on their way to the gym or workplace.


Sure enough, the people in the photos are wearing yellow jackets, construction helmets, and some yellow jackets and pants. But they also have obvious training clothes like jogging pants, training socks, soft sets, and water bottles – and the guy is wearing a T-shirt with the gym logo on it.

Gym: closed

When the Daily Mail called the gym to ask questions about accusations from witnesses that they were open despite the restrictions, they received an email stating that the gym had been closed:

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“According to government guidelines and regulations, Spartans is now closed.” He writes for the British Gazette.

According to court documents, the report against opening the gym despite the restrictions was withdrawn in November, when there were doubts about, among other things, who owns the gym.

A training bag, training shoes and sportswear, in a yellow jacket. Coach or work?


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