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Great Britain without a chance against the Czech Republic

Great Britain without a chance against the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic got off to a tough start like Trey Kroner, who fell against both the Russian team and Switzerland. However, now they have changed. The team ‘s third win was against Great Britain 6-1.

Britain resisted for more than twelve minutes. Then when they did not leave their own zone, World Cup debutant Lucas Klok sent them behind the hidden Jackson whistle 1-0.

32 seconds into the midfield, Philip Hronek stretched his own. After a delicious tunnel on a hill, the Hronek extension was lifted by a backhand.

“No more condition”

The British, who fell 1-4 against Trey Kroner on Friday, were never able to deliver a real fight. Instead, the Czech Republic scored both their third (Libor Sulak) and fourth goal (on the Philippine side) as Matthew Myers cut short in the second minute of the second period before cheering the team on. Liam Kirk, the team’s and highest scorer at the time of writing, with a second assistant.

– This is the most important goal to get some momentum, the Czech Republic is an incredibly good team, Kirk SVT.

– There are many matches in a short period of time and many of the team did not play last season, so no more conditions.

The game ended 6-1. Thus, the Czech advance to the fourth and final quarter after playing five games.

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