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Redgert Comms is recruiting a British manager for Relatables

Redgert Comms is recruiting a British manager for Relatables

Over the past year, Redgert Comms has shifted its international operations from its offices in Shoreditch and six employees in England.

Now Jacob Poe joins the British leg Daniel Ridgers Communications Agency. He most recently came from the position of General Manager at Relatable.

In the role of Head of Growth and New Markets, Jacob Poe will be responsible for the development of the existing sales organization in England. He will also build the company’s presence in Europe and create more areas of work together with the team.

During his time at Relatable, Jacob Boe was responsible for sales and worked with influencer marketing assignments for global clients such as LG Electronics, Unilever, Victoria’s Secret and Subway. Prior to Relatable, he worked as a campaign manager at Clear Channel.

In November 2020 he was recruited Amanda Weirhead As Chief of Operations in England, this spring he opened a new office in Shoreditch, East London

Since the fall of 2020, Redgert Comms Ltd has worked for companies such as Sproud, Nick’s, Charge Amps, Stronger, and Lace Laboratory. The British station’s offering includes public relations, influencer marketing, digital marketing, and event production.

In addition to the UK, operations are also conducted in the US, Germany and Spain markets from the London office, which acts in conjunction with subcontractors as the international hub for Redgert Comms.

Jacob is a top recruiter and will play an important role in taking Redgert Comms to the next level. I’m extremely proud of what we’ve achieved in the UK and internationally over the past year, and I can promise you we have plenty of excitement ahead, Redgert Comms founder Danielle Ridgert says in a press release.

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