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Support should prevent gambling addiction among young people

County councils have developed cognitive support to reduce the risk of children and youth falling into a problematic relationship with computers and games.

Children and young people engage with the digital world at an early age through cell phones, computers and tablets, and for many it becomes a normal part of everyday life.

To prevent screen use and digital games from becoming an issue for young people, county boards of directors have developed knowledge support.

Matthias Lind of the County County Administrative Board of Uppsala says in a press release.

Cognitive support is primarily targeted at people, for example, in schools, recreational societies, and social services who deal with guardians, but it is also aimed directly at parents.

Support includes films and brochures in several different languages.

“We want to convey the importance of adult support for young people so that they can find a balance in their playing and avoid long-term gambling problems,” says Matthias Lind.

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