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Warning of sharp increase in TBE in Vastmanland –

Warning of sharp increase in TBE in Vastmanland –

TBE virus, which can cause tick-borne encephalitis, is spreading across the country and areas that a decade ago had no or few reported cases of TBE.

Many municipalities have an elevated one
The occurrence of TBE, where vaccination can be taken according to the public health agency. Municipalities in
The areas of Vastmanland with an increased incidence of TBE are Arboga, Kungsor, Köping, Nørberg, Sala,
Skinskateberg and Västerås.

– There may be a risk of TBE even in municipalities that have not yet had any cases or so far only a few cases and are therefore not defined as a municipality with increased cases, says Andreas Palmburg, Medical Officer for Vaccines at Pfizer. Continue:

– As in previous years, we see that many of those who started vaccination do not complete the basic vaccination or
Subsequent booster doses, which is a concern. To obtain adequate protection, the primary vaccination (3 doses) must be completed and then increased at regular intervals. It's a wise idea to have it checked so you get up-to-date protection against TBE in time before the tick wakes up.

TBE is a tick-borne viral disease that can spread between animals and humans via bites
Ticks. Severe TBE manifests as encephalitis with high fever, severe headache, and sometimes convulsions and paralysis.

Most of them recover completely, but up to 30 percent suffer from long-term or permanent problems in the form of pronounced fatigue, memory disturbances and the like, and in rare cases also permanent paralysis.