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Super Danish Transformation - The worst imaginable for Sweden

Super Danish Transformation – The worst imaginable for Sweden

The battle for the qualifying spots in WC Group A is getting tougher.

Denmark fell behind in qualifying, putting Sweden under the streak again – and they also have a two-point lead to Tre Kronor.

– The best thing for Sweden was to win Belarus in the long run, SVT expert Kim Martin said before the match.

Denmark wanted something else – and now it is fighting seriously for an accessory place.

This is after a strong impact in the third period, when the team went from a 1-2 defeat to a 5-2 victory.

Otherwise, Belarus appeared to be in control of victory before the third half.

This is after a powerful shot into the net in a powerplay by veteran Mikhail Stefanovic until 2-1.

Denmark transformed in eight minutes

But Belarus became too passive – and Denmark ruthlessly used it.

The Danes went 1-2 to 5-2 in less than eight minutes and scored a very important win.

– It was only positive in the locker room before the third half, we knew we kept working hard, and then we will make money, Danish striker Alexander Trowe told SVT after the match.

The situation is even more difficult for Belarus, which is now facing even more difficulty in reaching the quarter-finals.

Striker Matthias Fromms 3-2 was very nice.

From the right position, he puts the puck into the net behind Belarus goalkeeper Alexei Kolosov (born in 2002).

Who has a long background in Sweden with Rögle, AIK, Södertälje and Modo games on his resume.

Denmark now has a place in the playoff, but they will face stiff opposition in the form of Slovakia and the Czech Republic in their last two group stage matches.

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