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British Olympic silver medal suspended due to doping - relay team loses medals - sport -

British Olympic silver medal suspended due to doping – relay team loses medals – sport –

British sprinter Chijundo Uga tested positive for a banned substance at the Tokyo Olympics. Ujah has been placed under a temporary ban from competition, and the British relay team is threatening to snuff out silver medals in the men’s 4x100m.

Uga managed the first stage for the British team, which took the silver medal behind Italy in Tokyo. Now it looks like teammates Zharnel Hughes, Richard Kilty and Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake will be losing medals from the Olympic final.

No one in the Quartet has ever been arrested for doping. In previous years, Linford Christie and Dwayne Chambers had contaminated British sprinters with doping issues, but for a British sprinter, this is the first time a doping scandal has occurred at the Olympics.

Athletics Anti-Doping Organization On Thursday, AIU announced a positive doping case from a doping laboratory in Tokyo.

The Ujah Test contains the banned muscle-building substances Ostarine and S-23. Ujah may request that the B-sample be analyzed before he is convicted of doping offences. If the B test is also positive, the British team will lose their silver medals.

With Britain disqualified, Canada will rise to the silver position while China will take the bronze from the Olympic relay.

Experienced relay runner with advantages

The 27-year-old Ujah is an experienced relay runner with several qualifications from previous tournaments. He participated in winning the gold medal at the World Cup for Great Britain in 2017, as well as the gold medal at the European Championships in 2016 and 2018.

Auja’s record in the 100 meters is 9.96 and he ran it in both 2014 and 2015. This year he was listed at 10.03.

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Chijundu Ujah ran the opening stage for Great Britain.

Bild: AFP

AIU has suspended three other athletes after positive doping tests in Tokyo. They are the 1500m runner from Bahrain, Sadiq Mikho, the kick bat, Bennik Abramian from Georgia, and Kenyan sprinter Mark Otieno Odiambo.