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More than 750 unmarked graves have been discovered in a school in Canada

More than 750 unmarked graves have been discovered in a school in Canada

Recently, the remains of 215 children were discovered on the grounds of a former Aboriginal Catholic boarding school in British Columbia, sending shock waves through Canadian society.

Now, Canada is rocked by another discovery.

More than 750 unmarked graves have been found at a former Aboriginal boarding school in southeast Saskatchewan. This was stated by the Sovereign Indigenous Peoples Federation (FSIN), which represents the indigenous population.

It is not clear how many were buried

FSIN describes the outcome as shocking and shocking. According to the organization’s president, Bobby Cameron, this is just the beginning of the number of children that will be found.

– This was a crime against humanity, an attack on the First Nations (Aborigines of Canada, Amen ed.). Cameron says CBC News.

The now closed boarding school was run by the Catholic Church between 1899 and 1997. It is unclear how many children and adults were buried at the site.

Tragic, but not surprising, Twitter Berry Bellegaard, national president of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), a political organization representing about 900,000 Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

A shameful reminder of systemic racism

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says longer statement On Thursday he is very sad, and at the same time describes the discoveries as part of a great tragedy.

“It’s a shameful reminder of the systemic racism, discrimination and injustice that indigenous peoples have faced and continue to face in this country,” Trudeau said.

“We cannot take them back, but we will honor their memory and tell the truth about these injustices.”

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Between 1831 and 1996, 150,000 Aboriginal children were forced to attend boarding schools. According to the Truth Commission, many have been neglected and abused, writes TT.