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Steam Deck developers advise against replacing SSDs

Steam Deck developers advise against replacing SSDs

Despite its looks, Valve’s portable Steam Deck is primarily a PC rather than a game console. The unit is equipped with both custom designed software and hardware, and Valve is generally open-ended with users free to install both parts themselves at their own risk. Among other things, it is possible to purchase spare parts and replace the SSD unit.

For SSD replacement only, there are strict recommendations to stick to the original part 2230 form factor, even if other hardware is suitable for an M.2 socket. However, this did not prevent the Canadian medium from trying to replace it with a unit in the more common form factor 2242 and Post the result on Twitter.

The new volume is said to work as intended and fit the space, except that the heat-conducting pad has to be moved and the heat diffuser changed a bit. However, it wasn’t long before the moderator’s intervention drew criticism from Valve, in the form of a warning from a Steam Deck developer.

It is highly recommended not to change the SSD and move the coolers. This is because the majority of 2,242 units consume more power and become significantly warmer than the Steam Deck is designed to handle. Although at first glance it appears to be working, it is believed that it can mean a much shorter life for the device.

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