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MSI raises the bar for an energy-hungry future with future power supplies

MSI raises the bar for an energy-hungry future with future power supplies

With the next generation of graphics cards, there are many indications that the power ceiling will rise by a few notches, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that two to three 8-pin PCI Express headers are needed. A new connection with 16 pins and the name 12VHPWR is part of the ATX 3.0 and PCI Express 5.0 standards, which manufacturers seem to be adopting behind both power supplies and upcoming graphics cards. Through the connection it is possible to deliver up to 600 watts, which is probably enough for most things.

Video Cards Now he notices it Twitter user “g01d3nm4ng0” Put my hand on what appear to be images of an internal presentation from MSI. The pictures relate to the MEG AI1300P and MEG AI1000P power supplies, which support ATX 3.0, PCI Express 5.0 and 12VHPWR. As the names reveal, these are luxury products that can deliver 1300 and 1000 watts, respectively, but the most amazing thing is that the transient output power is much higher.

When it comes to graphics cards, power supplies are capable of delivering three times as much, for periods of time around a few milliseconds. This corresponds to bolts up to 1800W over a 16-pin connector. In addition, it is reported that power supplies can handle temporary loads twice the size of the mark, that is, 2600 and 2000 watts, respectively.

In the screenshots, MSI also shows that the new products can be connected to an internal USB 2.0 connection to enable full monitoring of temperature, efficiency, output power and load on various voltage lines. The functionality is likely only of interest to those who are extra curious about hardware, but the ability to stand on a manicure chair could be of real use to those investing in hardware at the top. MSI believes the products are future-proof, but whether the temporary high energy consumption is part of the future remains to be seen.

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