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Starfield: "Vision of the future is based on reality"

Starfield: “Vision of the future is based on reality”

The vision was called “NASA-Punk.”

When games target the stars, they often throw all kinds of realism into the jungle. This is the case, for example Hello And the mass effectbut that would not be the case in Bethesda starfield.

about Xbox Wire Stefan Bailey, technical director, says the team was aiming for realism rather than science fiction when they had to set a vision for the game. one was “Reliable and Dependable”. In fact, Bethesda has also made a name for herself in her reality-based style. what about… NASA Bank“?

Early on in this project when we were trying to create the general aesthetic of this game, we coined the term “NASA-Punk” to describe a more cohesive and interactive science fiction world. We wanted a very realistic take. You can draw a line from current space technology and extrapolate from there to the future so that it is believable and reliable.

The term was well received by all starfieldteam, and Billy believes his role is of paramount importance.

starfield The events of the game take place hundreds of years in the future, in the year 2330. The game aims to achieve high goals as you will open the door to it “Humanity’s Greatest Mystery”. for mankind Secondly The biggest puzzle is when we see how to play from starfield…? Todd Howard said this should happen this summer.

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